NASA Wallops Flight Facility

Located Next to Chincoteague Island

Wallops Flight Facility is NASA's principal home base for the implementation and management of suborbital research programs. From a visitor's point of view, this role makes the facility a prime attraction, thanks to a rich offering of fascinating exhibits, educational tours and mesmerizing rocket launches. An ideal stop for your next Eastern Shore trip, Wallops Flight Facility caters to individuals and tour groups, making it a great attraction for students, children and adults.

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Wallops Flight Facility FAQs

Where can I find a launch schedule?

You can visit to find information related to current, future and past missions, along with specific launch dates at Wallops. This informative resource also features an impressive collection of fascinating videos and images.

Where on the island can I find more information about the center?

The NASA Wallops Visitor Center provides several educational exhibits dedicated to the past, present, and future of NASA's Wallops Flight Facility. Located on Route 175, six miles east of US-13, the visitor center offers free admission to all guests.

Where can I find more information about viewing rocket launches?

How to view rocket launches